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Family and Individual Portraits


It’s probably easiest to first tell you what a session with me is NOT: it’s not posed, it’s not formal, it’s not stiff, and it’s not what you’d typically expect - *I’m* the one who usually ends up eating dirt not watching where I’m going...

The most authentic images come from sessions that flow naturally–your family interacts while I just happen to be holding a camera.


Upon booking, we will collaborate creatively together to develop the story you want your images to tell. I have lots of ideas for session locations and I’ll also provide plenty of information on how to prepare, what to wear, etc, so don’t fret about that just yet.


Ready to book or want more details? 

Contact me for full pricing and to reserve a session.





From vacations and reunions to baby books - we all love to sit and look at pictures together and share our favorite memories.


Do you have a computer or phone full of your favorite images? For those of you who just don't have the time - or this kind of thing isn't your cup of tea, I am happy to take on this task for you. 


Pricing will depend on the number of images provided. Please contact me to work out the details.



Personalized cards


I can create cards for whatever the occation - birth announcement, holiday cards, invitations. If you what something that reflects you and shares your personal message, call me to discuss the details.



Photocards can also be included with your portrait session. 

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