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About Me


I am a slightly crazed hockey mom with love for colour, the outdoors, the sound of my children laughing as they play in the pool on a hot summer day, Chocolate Peanut Butter Hagen Daz, lake swimming and my ever-growing collection of coffee mugs--not necessarily in that order.

No job or adventure has proven quite as awe-inspiring as motherhood- my most favorite position by far. It is one of the things that led me to photography and inspires me most as a photographer--I see the sweet firsts of my children, the way they will never again be exactly as they are in that very moment, the way that time is so very fleeting and how I just want to hold on to that preciousness and the beauty that is them.  


Photography can do that. I love to capture children and families and those whom I photograph as they are--being themselves, so that when you look back at your images years from now, you will feel as though you are right back in that moment...sometimes we don't know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory, and I love to be able to see those small, minute details within a session and capture them for you.



Specializing in Photographing Families and Children/Adults with Unique needs.


Why Specialize?

A photo session can be overwhelming for most families - let alone families who have an extra level of complexities to add to it. I have been working with individuals with developmental disabilities and their families since 1997, and I have come to realize the challenge just a ‘simple’ family portrait can be due to mobility issues, 'behaviours', anxieties or medical fragility.
My goal is to provide each family or individual an unintrusive and relaxed environment that will allow for the best photos and memories to be captured.
 I will work with you and your family to create a session that best suits your needs and tailor the experience to capture your precious moments.




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